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While attending the University of Idaho, Jake Jones got a job hashing (serving food) at the Gamma Phi Beta sorority house. The housemother quickly relieved Jake of his hasher duties when he accidentally dropped a jam knife down her dress. Fortunately, he was given a reprieve, and she thrust him into the kitchen to assist the cook. As it turned out, the cook was the best cook on campus. Upon graduation, Jake decided to stay in the food business.

Jake managed several college food services, then worked for a regional buffet chain before opening his first restaurant in 1975 in Pocatello.

Jake is also the Area Franchise Developer for Red Robin in Montana, and operates Red Robin restaurants in Billings and Missoula.

In 2009, Jake brought Justin Philbrick on as partner in Jaker's and 2 Red Robin Restaurants. Justin has worked for Jake since 1997 where he started as a line cook. He worked as GM of the Missoula Jakers while obtaining his business degree from the University of Montana. Justin has been Supervising the restaurants since 2004 and is looking forward to the future growth of the company.

Jakers owners, Jake Jones and Justin Philbrick
Jakers owners, Jake Jones and Justin Philbrick
Our Prime Rib Steak

Because you've made us your choice for prime rib, we're going to make sure you get the very best by starting with the best beef the Northwest has to offer.

Our Northwest-grown RR Ranch Prime Rib is selected from only the top 1/3 of USDA Choice Grade beef marbling scores. The result is tenderness and flavor that's preferred by true beef aficionados.

Starbucks Coffee

Since 1971, Starbucks has been committed to ethically sourcing and roasting the highest-quality arabica coffee available. They are the premier roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world, so they were a natural fit with Jakers commitment to excellence. No cutting corners when it comes to your coffee.

Amazing Baked Potatoes

When you're born in the state best known for the quality of its russet potatoes, serving amazing potatoes becomes a mission. We start by lovingly coating each skin in bacon drippings (trust us on this one), then bake them to the optimum temp and texture. Critical to achieving Idaho spud-worthiness, we rotate them every thirty minutes, so you're always assured of being served the freshest and most scrumptious russet potato possible.

Mouth Watering Scones

No matter how hard we try to create the most superb dining experience possible, what do people remember? Jakers Scones and honey butter. You fawn over them. You talk about them with friends. You even have dreams about them. I guess we shouldn't complain, because you always come back for more.